About Us

Our management offers over 45 years of experience in the universal waste field. We partner with R2 certified companies and NAID destroyers of documents. Our company has a no landfill policy. We believe in reduce, reuse, recycle.

We have a responsibility as a large quantity handler of universal waste. We are subject to certain universal waste management standards relating to regulator notices, container labeling/marketing, employee training, on-site accumulation time limits, spill response, off-site transport and recordkeeping.

Our destination facilities must comply with permitting/operating requirement and management standards for hazardous waste treatment, store and disposal under 40 CFR 264/265.

We carry out employee training to cover proper universal waste handling and emergency procedures that are appropriate to the types of universal waste handled at this facility.

We are intending to:

Provide superior service in the collection of universal waste. We will do this by complying with all relevant regulations of all city, state and federal agencies.

Manage the end of life electronics, using a reuse/refurbish material recovery or finally energy recovery or destruction application to each item.

Promote public awareness for prevention of pollution, encouraging recycling and not disposal in the garbage and thus avoiding polluting our landfills and water.

Provide a higher quality standard in our city, state and country environment through our superior service and compliance.

We intend to manage and handle all lamps, batteries and electronic waste for the protection and betterment of our environment.